Building Bridges
of Understanding, Hope & Opportunity.

Grant Guidelines

The Atsuhiko & Ina Goodwin Tateuchi Foundation seeks to promote and improve international understanding, knowledge and the quality of relations between Japan and the United States. This will be done through a structured program of contributions and grants for charitable purposes conforming to the guidelines found below.

Goals & Guidelines

The foundation is specifically interested in (but is not limited to) programs that:

1) Stimulate educational opportunities for students involved in contemporary Japanese studies.

2) Promote artistic and cultural exchanges between the United States and Japan.


In evaluating the Grants Review Committee will look for evidence
(where appropriate) of the following:

1) The applicant is providing a critical service and does not duplicate similar
services readily available through other sources.

2) The applicant has good communication with both public and private
agencies concerned with the same need.

3) The applicant is in a position to best serve the need identified.

4) The project has realistic objectives and measurable evaluation standards.


Geographic Restrictions

Grants are open to local and international projects. The primary focus of the Foundation, however, is in the United States (especially those States along the Pacific Ocean) and throughout Japan.


Ineligible Requests

Funding will not be considered for projects solely political, or otherwise lacking in the charitable content as defined in the applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

Size & Type

The Tateuchi Foundation makes primarily single year grants, and will consider seed grants, general support, capital needs and prizes/awards. Under specific circumstances such grants may be made with matching requirements. Less emphasis is placed on requests for endowment support.